Land Surveys

Let BlueCamo help you maximize your property’s value.

We will help you:

We can help divide your property into subdivisions, including the creation of roads and easements. Having this option in your tool chest may help you widen the pool of buyers to both developers and single property home buyers.

Understand Planning and Zoning

There are many rules and pitfalls in creating or making changes of boundary lines.  We can walk you through this process by working with Planning and Zoning avoiding closing delays due to legal setbacks.  We help you plan ahead to avoid losing a possible sale.

Mitigate property line disputes with adjoining landowners

Since we are also a land surveying company we can help mitigate property lines disputes prior to the sale of a property.  This could save thousands of dollars in legal fees by working with our clients and adjoining landowners to help resolve the issues.

We are not only a Real Estate Brokerage, we are also a licensed Land Survey Company. We will explore the possibilities of land divisions to achieve maximum profit.

We can help you create many more possibilities to present your land for sale, including dividing your land into subdivisions or multiple tracts that are affordable to more buyers.

We can produce professional land surveys providing the exact acreage as well as determining exactly where the property is located.  Common problems with boundaries are encroachment of buildings or fences.  It’s better to know if these issues exist prior to purchasing, saving you from possible litigation.

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